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Lecture Notes (typed): 

  • E. Peltola. Geometry of random conformally invariant curves. SISSA, 2022.

PhD Thesis:

  • E. Peltola. Applications of quantum groups to conformally invariant random geometry. University of Helsinki, 2016.
Master's Thesis:
  • E. Peltola. An explicit relation between monodromy of the Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov equations and braiding of quantum sl2. University of Helsinki, 2012.

Supervised Theses:

  • Shimal Harichurn: On Z_a invariants and non-perturbative SL(2,C) Chern-Simons theory. Master, Mathematics, Bonn, 2022.  (jointly with Sergei Gukov)
  • Kenzo Yasaka: The solutions and monodromy of the irregular Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov equations. Master, Mathematics, Bonn, 2022.  (jointly with Gabriele Rembado)
  • Hannah Westhoff: Free probability, (q,t)-deformed processes, and applications. Master, Mathematics, Bonn, 2022. (jointly with Jonas Wahl)
  • Kai Hippi: The representation theory of the double projector algebra. Master, Mathematics, Aalto, 2022.
  • Sid Maibach: Real and complex valued one-dimensional genus-zero modular functors in conformal field theory. Master, Mathematics, Bonn, 2021.
  • Simon Schwarz: Imaginary chaos and its relations to the XOR-Ising model and SLEs. Master, Mathematics, Bonn, 2021.
  • Marvin Bodenberger: Variants of self-avoiding random walks. Master, Mathematics, Bonn, 2021.
  • Aleksandra Korzhenkova: The exploration process of critical Boltzmann planar maps decorated by an O(n) loop model. Master, Mathematics, Bonn, 2021. See also: [arxiv.org/abs/2112.11576]
  • Anne Schreuder: Schramm-Loewner evolutions driven by Lévy processes. Master, Mathematics, Bonn, 2020.
  • Jean-Luc Ton: From the Ising model to the random current nesting field. Bachelor, Mathematics, Bonn, 2020.
  • Maximilian von Münster: Crossing probabilities in critical percolation. Bachelor, Mathematics, Bonn, 2020.

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